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surgical abortion: aspiration

13 weeks after LMP

1. The cervix is softened by the use of seaweed laminaria or medication.

2. Anesthetic is introduced through the vaginal canal by needle injection into the cervix.

 3. Metal rods are then used to stretch the cervix open.

4. A plastic tube is navigated through the vagina and cervix into the uterus. This tube is connected to a vacuum device that pulls fetal tissues into smaller pieces and removes them from the uterus. Regardless of how far along you are, it is important to suck and/or scrape everything out to keep you from becoming sick later (1).

5. Fetal tissues are then examined to ensure all tissue has been removed.


13 weeks after LMP & up

1. The cervix is softened by the use of seaweed laminaria or medication sometimes 2 days before the procedure is to occur.

2. Anesthetic is introduced through the vaginal canal by needle injection into the cervix. Patients may request general anesthesia for an additional cost.

3. Metal rods are then used to stretch the cervix open wider.

4. Special instruments are used to remove fetal tissues from the uterus. “Depending on the size of the fetus and width of the cervix, the fetus will be removed intact or in pieces. Even is the fetus is intact, instruments are usually used to crush the head since it will not likely fit through the cervix” (2). A vacuum attachment may also be used to ensure nothing is left behind. 

5. Fetal tissues are then examined to ensure all tissue has been removed.


Patients Experience Severe Pain

Does Having An Abortion Hurt?

In one study, 48% of the patients rated their pain as severe or distressing during the surgical abortion. Patients that were put to sleep said their pain was greater than those who were awake an hour after the abortion (3).

Surgical Abortion Risks

Surgical Abortion

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks of surgical abortion which could include:


Perforation of uterus


Heavy or prolonged bleeding




Infertility or increased odds for miscarriage


Allergic reaction to medications


Embolism or blood clots


Injured bowel


Internal organ damage


Pelvic scarring


Incomplete abortion, retained fetal tissue


In extreme cases, maternal death complications due to anesthesia


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