options counseling



Confidential Counseling

In a caring, private setting your trained counselor will walk you through the steps for your test and will talk with you about your results and options. Each pregnancy is different, and unique. Here at the Pregnancy Center we will provide you with the needed information, material needs and practical assistance for your pregnancy. You can rely on the understanding women here to help and listen with compassion.

Information on Adoption, Abortion & Parenting

You may have more questions than answers about your options or maybe the thought of becoming a parent seems impossible to you at this time. We’ve talked to hundreds of clients who were just as concerned and perhaps confused as you are now. We can help. Contact  us to let us help you as we have others with many of the same questions you are faced with.

Information on Abortion, Adoption, and Parenting

“Wonderful place! I saw Sharon and she was great! So compassionate and helpful! Helped me through some of my roughest times! Thanks for everything you all do here!”

Rebbeca M.